Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Note From An Old Friend (6WS)

--who never realized the poem in this

dont know where you'll be
but if I can
I'll walk along with you
all the way 
to the end of the field
down the road and out
and leave you there
I know you know
the rest of the way
you wont get lost


  1. It reads straight from the heart!

  2. Hi Judy...(that was my sister's name...and I miss her so much since she has gone on to heaven.)

    Friends are like poetry in our lives! Always there in our hearts and minds to cheer us on...and to walk beside us in our trials!

    Happy Saturday!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  3. This is what makes friends so nice isn't' it? Where I grew up we had a long lane through the field but I NEVER had a friend come to visit. Kids my age were sparse out in our part of the farmlands.

    1. BTW, the little road in my picture would only be 65-75 if not in town for MUCH slower speeds. 85 and right lane for passing is for freeways.

  4. Should have mentioned though that my sister and I walked each other at night, no lighted path, to the outhouse out in the grove behind the chicken house.

  5. The fun thing about an unintended poem like this, beyond the finding of it, is the metaphorical aspect involved. what was a simple invitation to meet can become as profound as you wish or need it to be.

    Jim, i get that about not many kids around. I grew up in the country too, and there was at that time only one girl my age a mile away. You get used to being your own best friend very fast.

    Trouble is, its so hard to Go Slow after youve Gone Fast for a few hours. Any time I come off the highways around here it takes a few miles before I realize Im not supposed to be doing 70 any more...

  6. I love this image the words project!

  7. beautiful experience, finding such masterful work.

  8. It reminds me of Billy Collins' "Directions", which i find terribly serendiptous. =) and yes, its kinda cool.