Tuesday, October 22, 2013

NOW its time to put on the storm doors

Turning Point

there comes a day in mid fall
when the wind is colder than it should be
the clouds are so low you can almost smell them

when the wind picks up
you head back to the house for a sweater
everything looks wilted,  tired,  finished

you know it will rain by evening,
if not before,
a cold slow steady rain

and its a turning point
no matter how warm the days  to follow are
there's that edgy feel to it

that even the small birds sense
and ragged flocks of them begin moving out
into the fields and south.

There's a snow feel to it all
you'd not be surprised to see
a bit of snow mixed with the rain

makes you glad you got the wood covered
and you throw another stick in the stove
just because you can


  1. 30% chance of "mixed precipitation" predicted by NOAA for today/tonight now pushed back to Saturday instead.

    Save those "extra" sticks; all forecasts are for a winter that'll need every scrap ya got. Oy. New England. Gotta lovit.

  2. ive noticed how silent the Global warming folks are, too. I can just see them huddled under blankets by a space heater, trying to put a GW spin on this.
    Temp on the porch before dawn was an iffy 31degrees. Im still watching the nasturtiums on the lawn. No wilt yet.
    And fuss all you will, Mr. L, I notice you still live just south of the North Pole...

  3. We had our first frost last night, in central NJ. Frost on the pumpkin on the front step this a.m. And big nibbles out of it courtesy squirrel. First frost means end of allergy season for some of us, yay.

  4. i hear you about the allergies. This morning at dawn the temp was 32, and by mid morning the nasturtiums (my canary in the coal mine) looked like a blow torch had been by...

  5. Nasturtiums have been my personal global warming canary. Almost impossible to get them to grow in the last couple of years, owing to swings in temp, and in rainfall. They used to be my go to container plant. Sigh.

    But local fruit trees on the farm have been wonderful this year, probably for the same reasons. Amazing juicy apples and peaches, great tomatoes right up to this week, nothing like the flavor of freshpicked toms, bit of salt, nothing more needed.