Saturday, October 19, 2013

I think summer is probably over (6WS)

this is what's left outside,  the tatty area is what we started with   this summer ...
and all of that is now in here.   When you open the kitchen door into the shed this is what you see.  Two rows to go, yessah.

and the garden now looks like rats live there, except for the nasturtiums...and one lone about-to-bloom poppy to the right of the nasturtiums...


  1. Sadly I have to agree with your 6WS of today :/
    I think it all went way too fast.
    Pretty autumnish photos though.
    Happy weekend to you!

  2. Nice post, Mittens. I believe your story because of what those pictures left. I don't see one bit of summer now.
    Our summer is over too. Although our trees won't be turning red and yellow yet until late November or early December here in South Texas Gulf Coast area we are down into the 70's and 80's now for highs instead of the 90's.

    My Six Words today:

  3. thank you cessie, Jim; I'm still fighting the "summer isn't over yet, we havent had snow yet" syndrome, but since the kitchen stove has been going for over two weeks I guess it might be time to put away the mental bathing suits and beach blankets...
    But oh, I resist, i resist.

  4. Snow's likely Wednesday, says NOAA. I'm never ready.

  5. and this morning at 5 a m it was a hairline above 32 on the thermometer. The nasturtiums are still standing, so we may have missed it. Im never ready either. Ever.

  6. Beautiful autumn pictures!