Monday, October 21, 2013

Half a Conversation Overheard

yes, yes, tomorrow

probably a week

it cant be  helped,  it's where the work is

well, you understood  when we got married
that there'd be times...

yes.  I see

one of the neighbors can take the puppy
until i get back

ill call you when I get home
we can talk then


  1. And the speaker doesn't sound very deserving of one! wouldn't get far talking to me that way....

  2. this is the problem with cell phones; easy to forget how public a conversation is.
    He sounded sad, Liz; he wasnt being confrontational, and from my end of things, it sounded more like he was being read the "why can't you come home NOW" song, and was trying to explain (it seemed like old ground, frankly) that he couldnt. this was business. and apparently I was in on the "Well, if you cared, you'd not do this. I won't be here when you get back, and you'd better get back soon im not taking the dog" event

  3. Yep, I get that he's sad. But he still needs to learn a few less insulting ways of making his point. Which is why I wouldn't hold out much hope. We also don't know whose idea the puppy was-- sounds possible that he dumped it on the partner and now leaves on business! are you hearing that I am familiar with a situation like this, in a friend's life??? recurring fight next door in fact. Self righteous well I'm doing this for US theme, no halfway to meeting partner's sadness. Ah well. In the olden days, I'd have written a story about this...

  4. I now realize why I was so intrigued: one moment marriage is mentioned, then quite soon he's going to CALL her when he gets HOME. This is very intriguing and puzzling and I wonder how it works! they don't share a home? ah, the story writer in me is stirring...

  5. I think i figured out what it was, but I dont want to spoil your creative flow.