Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Free complaint dept. day. Feel free to whine

Peeve 3,786

People who see you a half mile across the parking lot and decide to hold the door open for you
forcing you to either break into a brisk trot or let them wait until you're almost there and then they give up and let the door swing shut...

Traffic lights that try to combine right turns and  pedestrians at the same time.  As the light changes to green,  all the waiting pedestrians cross en masse,  forcing you to wait, and then the light turns red again...

Ladies' restrooms

Electric cars that cost more in energy wasted and less value per mile than they could ever hope to amortize or justify by the amount of gasoline used or not used.



  1. Coupla days ago,I held a door for a very young child followed by her mother with a baby on her hip. The kid smiled and said "Thank you." The mother didn't even look up from her cell phone.

  2. yep. the new excuse for rude.

    People who finish your sentences along with you, in a kind of lip-synch murmur. sometimes i fool em and change the ending.

    Annnd follks who laugh and start to tell you something, then say, 'oh, never mind". and you spend the rest of the day wondering what the joke was...

  3. Arghghg, people who refer to something then say, oh but that's another story, and won't go on! I'm way too curious to be left hanging like this.

  4. Ah, yes. Students of the 'always leave 'em hanging' school of story telling.

    And on the other side of that one, Boud, is the wearisome guest who has finally risen, praise be, and is moving to the front door--and then says, "oh, wait, I forgot to tell you.." and then does.