Saturday, September 21, 2013

Untitled, thank you for the prompt (6WS)


now there are two trains
one heading east
the other heading into fog
we wave politely  to each other
through half open windows
as we travel on slowly diverging rails
acknowledging the need for individual trains
and the distance  that slowly separates  us
one pretending it matters
one pretending it doesnt


  1. a lot of agnst in a small space. ***

  2. This says so much in such succinct words...

  3. Sad but lovely.
    I like your previous post too. Made me smile. I loose days all the while. Enjoy Sunday now that it's here already (isn't it?) :)

  4. this is quite nice even though a bit mournful with the trains whistling in the wind. Have a great day!

  5. nice comments, thank you. This will probably change a bit, most of them do, but yes, a lot of angst going on there. =)

    jo, I found Sunday. It was hiding under last Tuesday. Whew. we may be okay yet.