Saturday, September 7, 2013

This, The Pause, In The Conversation--(6WS)

--while I consider what has happened, what will happen, and all that other stuff that goes into someone's  life. Nothing bad, nothing evil or even very noteworthy beyond the personal,  but right now the memory banks are on overload (which happens, heaven help us all) and I need to plow through that;  the garden needs cleanup-for-winter very soon,  the lawn needs a serious haircut,  and the eternal woodpile, while it shrinketh, doesn't shrinketh enough without some human intervention.

Sometimes intervention is necessary, but most of the time the best thing anyone can do is wait while it sorts itself out.  I  have friends who are going through difficult times right now;  much of what they are dealing with is personal,  and painful.  Hard to watch, harder to be in the middle of.   There is nothing I can do for them except listen and  love them and let them know that.

When we were kids the big thing was double-dutch jump rope.  Two jumpropes,  synchronized by the girls at either end,  and the jumper was expected to time her own entry into that swirling pair of ropes precisely--and start jumping over both ropes as they whizzed under your feet.  How we did that without garroting ourselves I have no idea.  That's what memory is like, in a way.  All of it coming at you at once, some days, and you know the only way to deal with some of the harder stuff is to just jump in and start moving through it.


  1. Its hard when loved ones are hurting and you are powerless to do anything but be there

  2. Sometimes we need to just not think so much. A thought that came to me just this morning, a well as what my Saturday Quote post sprung to mind. Sometimes we just have to let go of the weeds!

  3. I like your comparison to double-dutch.....except I was never very good at it. :)

  4. Sometimes the pause in the conversation is the conversation, eh?

  5. I like the reference to weeds: maybe rethinking the weeds and turning them into flowers, the way we do goldenrod and milkweed--as something useful instead of a nuisance.

    I loved Doubledutch, it was one of the things I could do well as a kid. But it was a true group mind event, wasnt it.

    and yes, pauses are like that, Mr. L. And sometimes they hang heavier and say more than the conversation itself. Most insightful. Thank you for reminding me.

  6. Sometimes there's happening so much of complicated stuff in our lives or in the lives of our loved ones that we just need to go and do it, be there. I call that the 'survival mode'. I love your comparison to the double dutch jump rope! In a way it feels the same I guess.
    And it's true, sometimes the pause is so important in a conversation...
    Wish you and your loved ones strength to get through this all.

    ps I'm Dutch so I wondered why you guys would call this 'double-dutch' lol.

  7. You're right, cessie. It takes timing, and precision, and a lot of attention to what's happening to make it work. Memory is harder to deal with, since it's so personal, and focused usually on one person or one event. And you have to just let it flow around you.

    I have no idea why its called Double dutch, probably for the same reasons we have French toast, English muffins, and chop suey, none of which have anything to do with the countries they are named for..."because its there" I guess.

  8. I have a theory about Double Dutch: I grew up in northern England, where the Hook of Holland was the nearest landfall, and we therefore heard quite a bit of Dutch -- in fact my maiden name was of Dutch extraction long before -- and used to say, oh, that's Dutch to me if we couldn't understand what a person had just said. Double Dutch is even more so, when you see the complications required to get into it and be with the game!

    About the pauses: in life and in music, life happens in the white spaces. The words, notes, shapes, just help you realize what happened there.

  9. Love that definition, Boud, life happens in the white spaces. thank you.

    i like your surmises about double Dutch, too. =)

  10. Jumping on the trampling was the thing that we did when we were kids. Luckily we didn't hurt ourselves either. : )

  11. Sometimes i wonder how any of us survived--ifthe jumprope didnt get ya, the rollerskates could throw a wheel and hurl you right into traffic, you could break a leg climbing one of those fences we were forbidden to climb...maybe it just gets you ready for the grownup world, which isfull of double dutch jumpropes and forbidden fences, of another kind...

    Nice to see you here, joseph. thank you.