Friday, September 6, 2013

Potato season

It's like eating popcorn.   You pull one plant  "just to see" and what's under there looks soooo good you think, oh, lets do the next one--then you realize pulling one exposes the potatoes under the next plant and before you know it the  whole bed is dug and you are left with what seems like--and probably is--entirely too many potatoes

this averages out to about 100 pounds so far, with one more bed to go.    These were planted in leaf mold and hay this year,  rather than straight dirt.  Id say the yield beats anything I've done so far.


  1. They look impressive! We tried growing our own veg one year and ended up with 3 midget carrots and about eight radishes :)

  2. Tilly, I'm always impressed when what I put in the ground actually grows, and looks the way the book says it should. I've had those mystery years too, with red strings where radishes should have been and onions, one memorable year, that all came up, flowered, and fell over. No onions at all.

    It may also have something to do with temperament. I can grow potatoes, and peppers, (you dont want to know about the carrots, trust me) but Rose of Sharon and really good roses for some reason are not in my temperament bag. sigh.