Thursday, September 19, 2013


I lost Wednesday this week.  Maybe it got lost in the wind.  If I had been planning on Thursday it's too late,  I'll have to celebrate it in retrospect.  That does, however, bring me to Friday faster than I had planned, but hey, Im flexible.  I can adjust.

It comes out even eventually;  I'll just give Sunday a pass and that should catch me up quite nicely.

If you peer closely you can see all those little yellow Roma tomatoes waiting to ripen. I have two of these monsters, and have already pulled about 15 pounds from them. it's about 5' high and twice as wide.   My husband is scared of it, and I don't blame him.


  1. I often lose days when I'm reading a good book :)

  2. oh I do too; lunch comes and goes, supper approaches, and the end of the book is in sight--

    but to wake into a Friday when you are supposed to be somewhere important, thinking it's only Wednesday and you have the luxury of two whole days...the worst part (for which there is no place to hide) is when someone calls you and says, "where ARE you, is everything okay?"

  3. Oh, I would give my left arm to lose a Wednesday (always the worst day of my workweek).

  4. Ill see you one Wednesday and raise you two Saturdays