Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Life in the Slow Lane (6WS)

The only thing more annoying than a company who sells Five Year Planners is knowing there are people  out there who actually have a need for one, and can plan their lives so precisely that they know what will be happening five  years from now.

I am always comforted  by two things:  every morning I'm still here (if I'm not, I'll let you know so you won't worry) and that the sun and moon rise when they're supposed to.

Beyond that,  and a few predictable holidays,  it's all mostly a slow moving train with a  new view at every bend.  And if you don't know where you're headed,  you can't be disappointed when you don't get there.


  1. Lovely way of putting your thoughts about the future. Anytime I have tried to pre-plan my life in advance, it seems to get all bungled up. Yes, better to take each sunrise as it comes and enjoy.

  2. My mother turned 84 this year and I gave her a 2 year calendar because she is starting to fill up her appointments for next year. We just got a 10 year passport and hope to make it last so I can see a 5 year planner.

  3. This does make perfect sense, except maybe, how you'd let us know, if say you didn't, you know, wake up one day! Hehehehe...

  4. Given the unpredictability of life in any lane, including the break down lane and the one closed for repairs, it seems (at least to me) almost impossible to plan a life farther ahead than, say, the next holiday.
    Someone dies, someone moves, the house burns, you get a new job or lose one. Most of these things happen well inside a five year limit. and when a life is so
    surrounded by this nutshell of planning, what happens when the unpredictable does, indeed, happen?

    Does it throw all those future plans into a spiral? Does the planner become a welter of cross-outs and white out, or a nice paper weight for papers...

    A two year calendar is nice, it shows hope for the future and a very active lady.

    And Karen, i have my ways, bwahahaha. I will find a way...

  5. Brilliant. I agree wholeheartedly.

  6. Ok, this post gave me a chuckle! I am a "fly by the seat of my pants" kind of person...and not so good with planning and setting goals. I do just take each day as it comes...for the most part...and enjoy everything along the way!

    Happy Saturday!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  7. I can't imagine planning anything that far out. I am lucky if I plan ahead enough to have clean clothes for the next day... I'm not really that bad, all the time, but I have been disappointed enough to learn to go with the flow. Plus you see the best things while in the slow lane!

  8. My life has rarely given me a choice of which lane, slow or otherwise! there's always something happening when you were planning on something else. Even my address book is more of a historical document, what with friends dying, losing the ability to respond, moving away, and new friends appearing rather often.

    I'm not particularly anxious to know where I'll be five years hence! just trying to enjoy each day, but we get into such a forward planning state of mind it's hard to let go of it.

  9. Choices as to where and what almost inevitably go astray, don't they; Knowing this keepa a body flexible, alert, and always on the lookout for furious owls and surprises in the garden.

    There are times, to be sure, when you need to be organized, and that's when our built-in planners kick in. Lists, notes, telephone numbers, all that--but only on demand, and only for a limited length of time. When the need no longer exists, most of us just slide back into our comfy--and lower--expectations and paddle more slowly.
    I agree, Boud, at this age I'm happy with the rising sun and the fact that spring will be here soon. The wood is almost all in, and shutting the door at last on a full woodshed is as far ahead as I look. Beyond that it's dark, and I don't shine a light on it.