Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Chimney talk

The kitchen chimney is clean.  I am not.
It's been three years,  and last winter I was a bit nervous about letting the fire get too hot, especially when I first started the stove up.  But faithfully I kept putting the Rutland (unabashed plug here for the stuff) Creosote  Cleaner to it, once or twice a week.

This is amazing stuff.  I've never seen such a clean (pre-wire brushing) chimney.  That means i do NOT have to do this every year,  I do NOT have to hire someone to do it for me.  Yet.

Tomorrow,  I do it all again in the dining room.  I may not even mind.


  1. Don't miss that chore one little bit, nossir.

  2. yep, I hear ya. but if we're gonna burn wood, this is what you do, I guess. it's part of the deal.