Saturday, August 10, 2013

Too Much Of A Good Thing (6WS)

its a pretty thing,  called a Beauty Bush.  This is a two year old picture--this year it totally blocked the front door and was just five feet short of the roof edge and something needed to be done.

                                                      So, we moved it.

One giant step at a time

you can see the outline of it on the house

and the space it left  

a short trip across the lawn 

and its new home  


  1. But....Now what, by the door?

  2. Quite the job there...well done.

  3. Oh I'm glad you replanted it :)

  4. surprisingly it only took two days: the first day to cut the bush back, and get the brush loaded onto the famous Brush Pile that may never be burnt (see Chia Pet post), and the second day to finish the job.

    Marion, how could I not replant it. Its been part of the landscape here for years...

    As to what goes in the new space: the reason I wanted the bush moved was because it had been planted too close to the house. What we're hoping for next year is that the roots that were left behind (it happens) will sprout again, and when they do I can dig THEM up and reposition them further out on the lawn, one on each side of the front door, but not as close.

  5. We have a similar thing with a shrub I call Golden Rain. It grows against the neighbouring fence and was once the sweetest thing. Now it's a jolly green (and gold) giant. My husband blames me for cutting it back! :)

  6. Is it a giant because it was cut back, or a giant that you cut back and got hell for the 'damage"....Most of these things LOVE to be pruned...

  7. I smiled at the thought of it being outlined on the house. I hope it will thrive in it's new location.

  8. Good grief- it was huge! Good move on your part- we're dealing with over growth but our solution wasn't as simple or quick! Take a peek:
    Have a great day!

  9. Kathe, what a lot of work you did, and what fun setting off those burn piles come snow...those are great pictures, by the way...

    Mlissabeth, It's a good place its in, near what used to be a horse barn so the soil there is rich enough for almost anythng..

    o dear o dear what have we done

  10. I am so glad that beautiful bush could be moved safely! I hope it comes back nicely in its new spot! It will be so nice to see the front of the house now!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits