Saturday, August 17, 2013

Its That Time of The Year (6WS)

 First we grow stuff   (yes it really is six feet high and yes it really is a tomato plant)

 Then we mow stuff (his dad's old Allis Chalmers tractor)

Then we feast (and a good time was had by all)  

(and a special thank you to Cate for this exercise: if forces all of us, I think, to consider where we are, and why, and maybe even how we got there,  week by week.  Some weeks are harder than others, some just get pulled out of the clouds. Either way,  its cool. )


  1. What's more august than those last few weeks just before September, eh?

    And you're right about how the 6WS (forces? encourages?) some introspection /reflection.
    One week you're thinking about an incarcerated sibling, & the next you're celebrating a newly rediscovered gift certificate and hankering for the duck.

    What a world.

  2. Grow, mow, feast....sounds easy enough, but I think I'd prefer to jump in at the feast part. My thumbs aren't the greenest in town. There is no way you'd be able to get a 6-foot tomato plant out of me....I am tres impressed! Happy 6WS!

  3. I enjoyed these pics- little glimpses of another's life! Cheers and have a great weekend!

  4. What kind of critter is that in the bottom pic? It looks like a porcupine. I hope it didn't bother you too much.

  5. SC, im impressed, too. mostly I just plant these things in straight compost and mulch, and let them work out the details. This one is a bit scary, though. These are Romas, those little paste tomatoes, and they will be cooked down and canned come colder weather.

    Kathe, I always enjoy other people's lives in here, although most times the idea of actually Packing and Going Somewhere puts me in a state of immobility; But its always lovely to see where the gypsies among us go, isnt it.,

    Milssabeth, that is ineed a porcupine, one of god' s gentler creatures, believe it or not, and he is chowing down on a fallen pear. they eat them the way we do corn on the cob, turning it in both paws to get at the next bit. That metal thing behind him is a piece of galvanized stove pipe, wrapped around the pear tree. It's to keep him OUT of the tree, because they may be gentle, but they are also very destructive. Nature's little pruners, yes indeed.
    So he checks every day to see if anything new has fallen, and this time of year he feasts, too.

    Ron., I guess that's what makes human so interesting, and effective. They can focus, but not totally. There is always something out there to take our interest. It doesnt mean we care less about incarcerated relatives or friends, it means we have plenty of room left over to care about and notice the rest of our lives as well.

  6. Sounds like a good time of year for you.
    Dropping by from 6WS
    Suzy at Photos are fun