Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sometimes It Just Sneaks Up Quietly (6WS)

This morning I realized it wasn't Friday the 5th,  but omg Saturday the 6th,  and  then I remembered why that sounded so familiar.  Ahhh. it's our 45th anniversary.  Rarely do I remember the date, since I have always been a bit vague on 'was it the 6th or the  8th" and get really funny looks from the mister when I ask. 

But eventually one of us remembers,  which is nice,  and then he says 'im sorry I forgot" and I say, "it's okay, I did too" and it really is okay.  In a way, at least for us, it isn't the event itself that looms, its the fact that we're still here to appreciate it. 

45 years.  wow. Me too. 


  1. Wow, indeed. Now i feel like a newly"wed".

    Best wishes to both of you, JT!

  2. Good that after 45 years an anniversary can be a surprise! Happy more journeys together to you both!

  3. ty ty. here's hoping, Ron, that we both make it to your 45. Heck, I'll only be ninety...a bit vague about the edges, but here. We might even remember who we are. Or were. =)

    Gemma, every day is a surprise. I take strength from that. Its like riding a bicycle on uneven ground; you have learn to keep your balance.

  4. 45 years! Woot woot!


    I know Bette Davis said old age ain't for sissies, but I think the same could be said of marriage. And for that matter, motherhood.

    Here's to the courageous, fierce, fearless people who stick it out through the tough times and actually take those vows seriously!

    I raise my glass to you!

  5. lol, ty laurel. anything that involves process, progress, and change between or among other people is an iffy proposition at best.

    There's an old saying I've always clung to, 'if you're working too hard, you're doing it wrong; back up and take another look at it."
    And it seems applicable to marriage, moving large rocks, and cutting down trees.