Monday, July 22, 2013

Go, turkeys, go

about two weeks ago,  nineteen baby turkeys, two mothers.  They join forces sometimes to protect their young,  and in the past it has been a very successful venture.  if you look carefully you can see that one brood is slightly larger than the other, perhaps by a day or two.

this was the day they learned how to Cross a Road safely

They have also invaded my garden, wiping out an entire generation of slugs and icky beetles in one pass,  19 little Hoovers,  bless 'em.


  1. Very cool. Loves me some turkeys.
    Here's one from my "Haiku Stupid" series, slightly adapted (it was originally written for the proverbial road-crossing chickens:

    sixteen turkeys cross
    I curse the road for its width
    stupid slowpoke birds

  2. er. yes it is.

    but well thought out and nicely structured