Saturday, July 13, 2013

Change is good yes it is (6WS)

Kicking and screaming I have been dragged into the century of Google Chrome.  It has not been pretty.  Some things work, some things elude me,  some things I would like to take a three pound hammer to.
As with all things Google,  it likes to direct traffic whether the traffic wants to go there or not.  I woke  up this morning to find half the icons on my desktop had been changed to Google icons.  Mine,  it gurgles,  all mine.  

By nature I dislike change.  Adopteds have that problem (considering the traumatic goings on at the beginning, all out of their control) for their entire lives,  to one extreme or the other.  Some of us dislike leaving (home,  friends,  changing schools), some dislike being left behind, no matter how innocent the intent.   So when change is forced on us by outside sources it becomes doubly difficult to handle.  Lotta whining and moaning.

A little voice keeps saying, "It shouldn't be this hard' and another little voice just sniggers.


  1. I feel the same way about change. I love what you said about the little voice—it's so true!

    Have a great weekend. ☺

  2. An interesting perspective; I've never considered that kind of effect.

  3. Annnnd in futzing around with all of my settings in all of my programs that require settings it has taken it upon itself to change the background color in here to a dull blue, and the font to a faintly unreadable size. We are not happy about that.
    Id like to find the "editor' in Chrome and remove the edit command which tells me when Ive misspelled, or left out a bit of punctuation. Suggestions welcome.

    (But at least I now know for sure that misspelled has two sssss's and will probably remember that for at least a week. :-)

  4. I am in active rebellion against google chrome. I don't really have a reason for it.....maybe in line with your anti-change theory, but for totally different reasons. Or maybe because I'm just a control freak.

    Come to think of's probably the latter.

    Happy 6WS!

  5. Ive fought the idea of Chrome for about six months, but our email provider rides on it, and they have been issuing dire warnings about 'unsupported browsers" and yesterday the axe fell in here (wow you should see the angry folks in the forums) when I could look, but not post properly.
    Some of it I like, but it ate IE, which was at least familiar, and it's been a bumpy ride to get here.
    . YES, its growth. YES I grew at least nine hundred new brain cells. I just like being able to use what I know rather than what I havent a clue about. (end whiney rant)

  6. For me, change is only good after I am used to it! ;)

  7. Nicely put, mlissabeth. I must remember that one

  8. well i didnt have much choice. Without that there would be no blog here. without that I would be staring at whole new IE and that frankly scared me more than Chrome.

    Change is not necessarily good, but sometimes necessary.