Sunday, June 30, 2013

yay its here

Hapi drum is here
boing boing boingity boingity boing bong bong twang twangtwang  bing bing binnnnggg
tingtingtingting ting taing taing twingtwing tong tong bingbing binnnggg


  1. Picture one of those smiley emoticons, but picture it green.

  2. Did I mention I'm expecting 2 new flutes? Mahogany in A, and a Purple Heartwood F-Sharp from Robert Windpony.

  3. Ive always been a music maker junkie, but without the lessons, patience, or ability to do so. I have pretty good luck with a penny whistle but not much else. This seems to fulfill the need to make music without the long process that accompanies most of it.

    Im listening to Robert Windpony right now and it cut to the bone. Nicely, I might add. Will. Not. Weaken.

    (just a quick aside: ive sent you over the past few months several emails, and wonder if they ever got there. Not looking for a response, most of them were of the "NRN" type, but did wonder if you had changed your email addy at some point. )