Monday, June 3, 2013

New fawn and mother

The doe came out of the trees to the west and stood very still, watching. I thought, something is going on.  And sure enough about ten seconds later out came this little guy, not more than a day old. The mother let it nurse for about four seconds, then began to walk across the field while the fawn scrambled to keep up.

I tracked them as they walked across the front field, taking  pictures through the admittedly less than pristine windows.  At times she would pause just long enough to let the fawn nurse,  but the message was clear: learn

to keep up, or you'll starve.  Learn to stay close or you'll be food. 


  1. Very cool, JT. we had a moose the other day. I had no camera handy & the phone was in the truck. Oh well; he'll be back...

  2. We havent seen a moose up here in two decades; i envy you your moose, big time.