Saturday, June 15, 2013

It's Nearly Time For The Solstice (6WS)

                                                         For six months i row
                                                         toward this day
                                                         and then I sadly
                                                         row away


  1. Do you go out on the lawn and dance around naked, like my neighbor (reportedly) does?

    (I don't really know if this is true; I can't tell. The trees get in the way. Even the binoculars don't help.)

  2. I love the solstices -- we're planning a picnic in the park for our summer one...and for us, winter solstice is when we celebrate x-mas.

    Enjoy the ebb & flow betwixt the two! :D

  3. Have a happy Saturday! ☺

  4. Thought provoking words,well they were to me :-)

  5. Ron.: hahahahahahaha no

    The solstice is always magical, and it feels as if the earth is now lined up again properly at least for the next six months. My husband learned how much this matters the year he said, cheerfully, 'well, the days will start getting shorter again now..." and we agreed that August was far enough down the road to mention that, but never never on June 21.

    I think the winter solstice is the perfect (i.e. logical) place for celebration.

  6. I went to a summer solstice party a few years ago. Luckily for me, there was none of what Ron. described. ;)

    My 6ws is here:

  7. I like the long days and late sunsets. I like daylight saving time. Its fun to be watering the flowers at 8:30 PM. nice to see daybreak at 5:00 AM.

  8. Magical time ~~ enjoy!

  9. I love the long days and yes it's a kick to see the sunrise that early. On hot summer mornings before the heat rises I go out on the porch, pull the porch curtains and sit in the sweep of them, and read.

    mlissabeth, i suspect Ron. was having a go at wishful thinking. Or hopeful pondering. =)