Saturday, June 1, 2013

How Fog Separates Close and Closer (6WS)


  1. Beautiful, and five other words for beautiful.

  2. Beautiful photo and words! Have a lovely Saturday. ☺

  3. I love fog! It's often a subject for my poems...and this picture is wonderful, I love the way the branch stands out against the misty backdrop -- beautiful photo & observation both :)

  4. Fog is so fun if you don't have to drive in it! :) It makes the world seem magical! Wonderful picture!!!!

    Happy Saturday!


  5. The other day we were under a heavy fog blown in partly from the ocean, and partly because of the temperature changes, which make fog behave like steam on the bathroom mirror.

    The short distance from the house to the maple in the yard, not more than thirty feet, was foggy at the base and almost invisible ten feet up. Near and far, all at the same time.
    And today I was casting about for a subject, and remembered that.
    Yeah, its magical. And if there's no one on the road, it can be fun to drive in too.

  6. That is a gorgeous picture. Thanks for sharing.

    My 6ws is here:

  7. I'm not so keen on fog,I think it is spooky but you have made it seem pretty! X

  8. oh it can be spooky, probably because of those old London/Sherlock Holmes movies, as much as anything else, but it's not the fog as such that fascinates as what it does to the spaces it's in.
    Further back I posted a photo of a lighthouse: dim, distant. When I took that photo I was shooting directly into a fog bank at the ocean, trying to take an image of a seaduck that kept moving in and out of the fog. There were three or four foghorns going (now if you want spooky...), and i just did a quick point and click. Imagine my surprise when I came home, looked at the pictures, and saw that lighthouse looking back at me.
    The telephoto lens detected an image I could never have seen, and I was stunned by it. *g*

    That's where the magic is.

  9. I love the photo and the way you said that!