Saturday, June 22, 2013

Anticipation is always half the fun (6WS)

Waiting through a long cold winter and a long cold spring and a long cold June,   weeding and mulching and mucking about with plants (this goes here and where the hell are the onions, I know I planted them somewhere),  and suddenly realize you got what you wanted,  and all that hard work really did pay off

Finally bit the bullet and ordered the damn thing--this is all your fault, mr. lavalette,  and I'm very glad it is.
To save myself numerous anxiety attacks I have mentally scheduled this to arrive a month from  now. 


(Oh.  And sometimes in the middle of all that anticipation you forget to look up and understand that yes, this is right. This is where I wanted to be.  And isnt it lovely. )


  1. J.E.A.L.O.U.S.

    (Only about the HAPI drum, not the backbreak and muckabout)

  2. ah but then I will be able to take my new hapidrum out into the garden and thump away; half the fun is knowing how far sound like this travels...somewhere out in the woods, the eerie sound of a hapidrum, endlessly repeating, repeating...

  3. It definitely can be! Enjoy!

  4. I can see it now -- 911 calls to report eerie sounds in the sky!!

    But yes, good to look around and remember this is what I was looking forward to, remember to enjoy it!

  5. oh what an image, Boud...if anyone wants to hear what this can sound like, visit the site (URL included no extra charge) and find the bit that says "play online". It does have a mellow, other-worldly sound, bwahahaha

  6. It sure is, and happy endings make it that much better!

  7. Happy and Hapi endings!

    My 6ws is here: