Thursday, May 30, 2013

This is the signup box for a genealogy website:  I think something is horribly wrong, here

It would probably help if they told you what they wanted in those boxes...if you contact Help it says,  join our forum to find answers to your questions.  However (yep) in order to join the forum you have to be a member,  and probably donate your first born son or daughter to them as well.  You have to laugh though...


  1. Ah, this is reminiscent of that marvelous Windows help program, which, when you consult it to find out why you can't get on the internet, tells you to go online for the answer..

    Could it be that this website caters to people who really don't know who they are and that's what they're in search of??

  2. Oh, Boud, this made me laugh out loud. Thank you.
    When I click on the other tab that says
    "Log in" it politely tells ne that my address is in the database and they will only give it to me if I can give them the correct password. When I ask for it to be sent they say they will send it to me within the hour.

    not which hour, however. or day.