Sunday, May 26, 2013

There has to be a limit

at 6 am the outside temp was 32 degrees.  Happy Memorial Day.   I has my rules about this stuff,  including "i will not mow grass if I have to wear rubber boots,  a winter jacket, and/or gloves" 
I dont care how much the garden needs weeding, it's not something I want to take my woolly gloves off for.  Those are for wearing around the house. 
Boots, too.  The scarf seemed a bit extra.  Too much drama.


  1. Good grief... at the very end of May no less! It was 95 here in West Texas this afternoon, I would gladly trade you, for a day or two at least. :-) Surely the sun will come to turn your corner into summer before much longer. I wouldn't mow or weed in winter weather either!

  2. its been an interesting spring, for sure. We always burn a bit of wood on chilly mornings, and frost is a threat until early June; but this just seems raw, harsh. Makes you wonder what july will be like.