Sunday, May 5, 2013

Here we go again

Since the Internet swept us all away on an outward bound boat,  the language has been taking its own mysterious trip.   Nouns are now strange verbs: "to office'  "tweet us"  "twitter your response"  'like" this on facebook.   'I heart New York"

A new entry, I ran across this yesterday in an ad for a new and improved cleaning product:  "is your family healthing?"  "Stop just cleaning, start healthing'.  

We have long suffered catch slogans like "the soup that eats like a meal"  and "winston tastes good like a cigarette should"  and now we are enjoined to start healthing.   (puts head on table. sobs.)


  1. "Irregardless" seems like such small potatoes, now.
    And to think, someone actually got paid a dreadful amount of money to come up with this.

    and good morning, Tilly.

  2. *sobs with you*
    Normal just doesn't seem to be good enough anymore.

  3. then again, some 'new' words seem to work easily into the language. I have a friend who goes insane over 'gifted' which for me is not a hard one to deal with. It puts a word where it's useful. "healthing" on the other hand, is obviously an "ad" word that will, with luck, be sooo cute it will soon disappear.

    The one that really makes me vibrate is "that was so FUN" I always thought that fun could not be used in that way, without adding "so MUCH fun' as a quantifier.
    But hear it often enough and it moves in right next to the fireplace; and after awhile you think it's always been there.