Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hang Drum


  1. You KNOW I WANT one (or more) of these, but you can't get one for love or money (well, maybe for enough money, if you don't mind the waiting list). I'm considering a savings account...

    There's a reasonably affordable alternative: The HAPI Drum (Google away).

  2. I understand that they are for sale on ebay for $5k. Each. Lord knows about the waiting list. I want one too, as I figure I dont have to worry about breath or fingering the way you do with flutes and pianos.
    And when I saw this, immediately I thought of Ron. the music maker. Of course, I said. This has to be on his wish list.

    this lets you hear the tone (and even play it) of the Hapi UFO

    i want this