Thursday, April 25, 2013

I hate this part

She has to go back.  I thought about this all night and this morning and realized that an alpha cat of this magnitude will never be anything less.  Cuffy was that way,  and we spent three years with the house divided in half.  We did it because he was such a special critter and I felt he deserved a place here for as long as he had to llive.   With Chloe,  she's young, affectionate,  extremely accepting of any human in her path.  She needs a place with no other cats.    The greenhouse, frankly, might suit her perfectly, she could become the
Greenhouse Cat. 
Ill still take her in for her shots this morning and make sure she's healthy (my gift to the cat)  but she has to go back. 



  1. You did try. And fair's fair to the other cats, too. But I know that longing to make it all work. And yes, being a public cat might be a great life for her. You can visit her there!

  2. having been this road with cuffy im not sure I want to do that to the same cats all over again. also we have Toby, who still is on the edge of things, and utterly demoralized by this banshee coming at him with claws out, shrieking. Poor fella...

    sometimes you just have to face hard stuff. I wont dump her in the shelter, even though its a viable choice--they dont always tell clients the entire truth about the animals, for fear they wont adopt. What that can do is set the animals up for a swinging door effect, the way foster kids are shuffled from home to home.

    she's a perfect cat. Just not here.