Saturday, April 6, 2013

"Fresh" "Meat" is now on "Sale"

If there never was any doubt in your mind about the reality and the freshness of what is being offered,  this should firmly remove the absence of doubt

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  1. Well, that's "good" to "know". Thanks for keeping us "updated."

    when I want to annoy My Beloved Sandra, I start using "air quotes" around every third word.

  2. I know too much about meat houses to say more...

  3. Wow,so many quote marks. Makes me wonder...

    My 6ws is here:

  4. I always cross my fingers and hope the meat is fresh and free of the "yuckies"!!! If it smells or looks funny at all, I just can't eat it!

  5. Ron, I'm sure your Best Beloved understands the subtle hair-pulling you indulge in with airquotes, but this is dangerous territory. One airquote too many and you could find yourself looking at a life with couches, salads-only meals, and the other half of your socks missing.

    And yeah, I tend to clutch a bit at "fresh" and "new" too. One of my fantasies has always been to get a signage job where I had complete God-like power over what went on them. Everywhere.

    Ever wonder what sins are committed in that regard in other countries? Do the Japanese have a cringe factor as to certain 'mistakes' on their advertising marguees? Do the Russians get into arguments with shop owners over misspelled signs?