Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Her name (now) is Chloe.  I went shopping today and along with groceries I brought home two beauty bushes and  two scabiosa, (plants, not diseases), and a stray cat from the greenhouse.  She is a longhair, extremely friendly with humans,  she marches around as if she owned the joint, and has terrorized the other three cats into hiding upstairs. She even tried to beat up my 11 pound alpha female, Isabel.  Chloe could not weigh more than five pounds, but she sent that poor cat flying.

Im taking her to the vet tomorrow to see what he says about her health, have her shots,  and if she hasn't improved in a few days (with some serious effort on our part as well) then it's back to the greenhouse she goes.  Isabel and Toby can deal with her, but albert is old, and fragile,  if not frail.  And very puzzled.

Sigh.  It's never easy.

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  1. She sounds like my Boud, a six pound terror who bossed her twelve pound sister unmercifully,but was gentleness itself with my cockatiel. She was named for Boudicca, another small but deadly female...and has become my screen name.

    I hope Chloe works out. She may be one of those cats who prefer humans to other cats, though.