Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spider update

I found her this morning,  finally  released from her single strand of silk,  fallen into the space between the two windows.   I guess any life, no matter how small,  matters, if only to the creature involved.  And now and then, to others who somehow get involved too.  

small addendum:  the post that  this one refers to has been taken down:  it had become a magnet for seach engines of the spamming variety,  and there seemed no way to end it without actually removing the post itself. My apologies for anyone who happens upon this and thinks, 'what the hell...". 


  1. This spider made a connection with a human! and vice versa. I like this a lot. I have a similar lady living on the patio and building amazing 3D structures every year, weaving the two sides of the fence together in a deadly trap for unwary bugs.

  2. What a lovely image, Boud, of the architecture of your spider. Pity the unwary visitor, for sure.

    I try to rescue ladybugs by giving them access to apple cores which they will graze for several days, until it becomes a hard nub. I add ladybugs and now and then switch to a new core, which we all appreciate =)