Sunday, March 24, 2013

Scary to think about, maybe

I have been reading  comments across the boards about people who post photos of their very young children, grandkids, and the neighbor's new baby on public sites.  Facebook, Twitter, even blogs abound  with photos of small children and babies, many of them in various states of undress or no dress. Yes babies can get away with it,  but I'm thinking that too many people forget how utterly public these photos are.   Pasting a naked butt shot of your granddaughter on Facebook is the equivalent of posting that same photo in a shop window in a large city.  You cannot control how many people see it, or who those people might be.

Pedophiles and kiddie porn guys regularly haunt such places.  Think about that.  Unless you have a site locked down for family only,  you have no say--or knowledge--about who is watching.  It's not about giving out personal information, although I  think we all do, inadvertently;  we get comfy with our posts, our 'friends', our blogs, and drift a bit.  But when someone starts posting picture after picture of  their kids, be sure someone is going to find them. 

Somebody said, and I agree, keep those pictures in an album, or a shoebox,  and if you have to show them to someone, do it in email. 


  1. I wrote a long and heartfelt endorsement of your thoughts, then when I went to post it, I lost my signal and was unable to get through!! Irony abounds.

  2. well thats too bad, Boud. If you feel brave later, post one again. endorsements always welcome. =)