Saturday, March 30, 2013

Digitizing the World

(thank you to Ron for reminding me) One reluctant step at a time, we are turning ourselves away from paper to digital everything: no one writes letters, they use email or a Messenger or cell phones. 

Books are now downloaded into handheld readers,  newspapers and magazines almost always have an online presence. 

My dentist is taking 35 years of patient records and digitizing them. I have no idea what he does with the paper records, but its a bundle.  And yet to destroy them would mean no paper backup to the digital backup...If there were a fire, the paper is gone. If there is a power outage the digital stuff is inaccessible. 
The solution would be to also make copies of each and store THEM someplace.  oh yeah.

I see it as causing more work and only creating one extra layer rather than removing anything...


  1. I am such a traditionalist. I prefer real books and don't get into all the social media. And Johnny Cash is not a total time waster...per your video list...just sayin' I said, I am a traditionalist.

  2. i agree, there is nothing like the smell and feel of books, of libraries, of bookstores.

    I do apologize for having Johnny Cash under time wasters but i did have (and videos) added...Im slowly changing that around. Promise.=)

  3. If your records are on a thumb drive and you have an outage, no matter if your system is battery operated. You're still in business. But I doubt if most medical officers are up to that level of advancement yet, still lugging giant laptops everywhere...

    And considering how often my paper records and that of my late lamented, have been mixed up with other patients with similar names, I'm less thrilled by paper than you might expect, considering I do love books and writing on actual paper stuff.

  4. The problem is not storage, per se, but continually upgrading the storage systems. And having a battery operated system only works, as far as I can see, until the battery runs down.

    And of course once you have everything tucked away on thumb drives or whereever, there is still the concern about someone wiping out the entire thing with the wrong button. So you need backups of backups.

    One thing about paper: it never becomes obsolete,and the only reader you need is you. =)