Friday, February 8, 2013

Reporting in

Yesterday my monitor went black and refused to work.  "maybe,' i said, "it's the monitor and not the tower".
"no, no,' he said,  "there's a disconnect somewhere, it could take days to find it" 
"why don't we plug in the old monitor and see"
"no no ", he said,  "you just don't understand.  The tower just isnt getting the signal from the monitor, that's why its' not working. Let me think about this."
"Look, here's the old monitor. let's just plug it in and see."  sigh. grumble fuss.  "I just don't see what good it will do."

"what does it cost to try?"

It was the monitor. 

Now I have a nice new one;  however its one of those silly wide screen jobs,  and it took me all afternoon to figure out how to resize the images so they don't stretch clean across the whole screen.  'You wont like it",  he said. "it just distorts everything".  

nooo  it works just fine *g*

And now we are sailing into what appears to be either the storm of the century, a storm of historical proportions,  or a huge embarrassment.   In  a way it's like waiting for Santa.  He never lives up to the
buildup,   I sincerely hope this one is equally disappointing...Film, as they say, at 11.


  1. Nothin here yet. Projections vary. We'll see.

    Big screen monitor, eh?

  2. not THAT big, one of those wide screen things (the only regular sized ones for sale now are the refurbished, the 'renewed' ones.) This is your standard 17" diagonal. I dislike it intensely, as it turns most programs into stretched out versions of their former glory, not attractive at all.

  3. They have those at my libe, big contrast to the netbook I usually work with. That and giant screen tvs really bring it home how little of the content is really worth seeing huge!

  4. Except, I hasten to add, my own words, which are treasures at any magnification...

  5. i must agree,Boud. im sure the dollivers agree as well...