Wednesday, January 2, 2013

White Flower Farm

The spring catalog arrived today.  The gardener's wish book that rivals any sears christmas catalog ever published...
I will look at it, and drool, and then look at the prices and gasp.
I will fill out a pretend  order form adding everything that takes my eye.  I might even go so far to put it in the envelope.
Then at last remember that WFF, based in Connecticut,  is zone 5.  They insist we are too.  That means plants ordered for spring usually arrive in a late April ice storm,  or during a period when the ground is frozen so solidly a jack hammer couldnt penetrate it.  Fall plantings arrive long after the ground is, you guessed it, frozen.  Usually under the  snow. 
I write, I call, I email them, reninding them that we are indeed zone 4.  oh, they say we'll change that right away.  Annnnd the plants arrive firmly on the 14th of November.  Just after the fifteenth  hard frost.  And the label says,  "Zone 5".  sigh.


  1. I love White Flowser Farm. Not because I can afford to buy from them, usually, but because they give such great succession planting tips. Simple stuff. Like my daffodils followed by daylilies, look wonderful, neighbors think I'm a good gardener..long season of golden blossoms. The daylilies cover up the fading daffodil foliage.

    I've added in bearded iris, too, for a change of color, and I have perennial mums all in the same small bed. Very little work other than dividing and giving away now and then.

    All thanks to WFF, from whom I don't think I ever bought anything!and whose initials I had mixed up for years with WWF.

  2. oh i have that WFF acronymia too, Boud. Glad to know im not the only one. I tend to garden all over the place, and I keep looking lustfully at the big field, which is 5 acres of poor grass wanting to be More. No, I say, no.

    I have learned more about gardening from WFF than any garden book. They are specific, enthusiastic, careful. And when you realize that almost every color in a garden goes with every other color, a whole world opens up.

  3. Gee, I havent got my seed catalog yet. Maybe that will give me the lift I need. Harvey

  4. Even if you never buy a thing, even if you never plant a flower this year, just looking at all that abundance and color makes the old fires stir a bit.

    It's also been a rough winter for just about everyone, between late fall hurricanes, countrywide storms, day after day of five minutes of sunlight and all that bitter cold from the Global Warming Event--i think everyone start to sag about now.

    Chins up, Harvey, Feburary is incredibly only three weeks away
    and four weeks after that its the first of March.
    Thats my story and Im sticking to it...