Friday, January 18, 2013

this has got to stop

For the past several years many of my most memorable dreams have been in what I think of as  text format.  Usually a newsprint article,  in which I read the article as if it were in front of me and then I segue into a narrator in which  I am also physically present in the dream interviewing or living the article as well.  Yes yes it's weird  but so are dreams of flying.   And this past month or so Ive been 'reading' long long texts nearly every night. Most memorably a week ago, when I had three of them to wade through, in three separate dreams.   Last night I was involved in a newspaper 'bio' of Connie Francis which described in great detail the poisoning death of her husband Brian Finnerty and then  a subsequent "operation" to have her voice box repaired.  Since she had no husband, and none of them were named Brian Finnerty, I have to wonder what and why I'm reading.  

As in all dreams there is often a reason for the dream, or some small section.  Sometimes it's a warning (often those are valid) about something in the body, sometimes they are Disaster Dreams (hi, Ron.) in which the car I'm involved with turns into a disaster movie straight out of Laurel and Hardy, and now and then an extremely silly dream the purpose of which is to inflict terrible puns on the dreamer.

Or maybe I had too many butterscotch bits before bedtime.  Who knows.


  1. Write on! I could read about reading dreams til the sun comes up.

    Oh how I wish the rugsucker dreams were the only disater dreams I had.

    Butterscotch, you say?

  2. Butterscotch bits like the chocolate bits you find in cookies. I ate a LOT of them.
    Ill write down the next text dream I have, just for you. I'll even put your name in as a subscriber.
    And as an added attraction, you can have my next three car disaster dreams. Free.