Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Blizzard

last  night we were warned by the weatherelves that a major storm was coming our way.  A foot of snow, wind, and in the morning below zero temps. At bedtime it had already begun.  I had visions of mounds of snow being whipped about, turning into other mounds of snow, all over the fields. 
This morning I went out and took a picture.   Somewhere there are weather men, highly paid meteorologists, with very pink cheeks, wondering just  what happened to the blizzard...


  1. I guess everything's relative! if you live in very southern latitudes, this would be a big deal.

    I think the weather folks' lawyers insist on over estimating, so as not to be sued after the fact!

  2. well what we got was a 1/2 dusting, and yes in Louisiana this would be a nightmare. Around here its winter.
    One reason I do not take long range forecasts seriously, one reason I have a hard time wondering why anyone would attempt to rely totally on weathermen at all--when your nose tells you its about to rain, and the weather man says warmer and sunny for the next three days...