Saturday, December 22, 2012

On The Other Hand...

It well may be that in the night the calendar was indeed turned over and those of us who slept were shifted into a new slice of universe where everything seems familiar but really isnt. The key,  here, is seems familiar.  How do you know it's different if it looks the same?

Apparently there are some well paid mattress inhaling physicists out there who seriously propose the idea that the entire universe is just one big computer simulation.  Our tax dollars at work, yessir.


  1. I do have to say, this idea made a very good videogame - Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

    In the game, it didn't end well for the "simulations", as the creators tried to erase whole galaxies where even only one single civilization gained knowledge for their true nature.

  2. well the silly blabbermouths should have kept it a secret.



    You do make an excellent point.

    <<<<<<nervous smile