Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's snowing


            First Snow

having smelled the coming snow
it seemed appropriate to go
and so the cows went home alone.
the farmer heard the eager tone

and ran to hold the barn door wide
just before they swung inside,
each to her appointed stall.
outside, the snow began to fall.

behind the snow the sun has set.
the cattle in their bays have yet
to settle in. they move against the walls.
outside, all night, the first snow falls

this all will quickly melt away
before the end of one more day.
but the first snow, whether thick or thin,
is the one that calls the cattle in.


  1. The structure of this, simultaneously spare and lush, perfectly suits the subject. Marvelous!

    We got maybe 4 inches in the last 24 hrs.

    So it begins...again.

  2. so it does. again. It's been snowing all day, a lot like that photo, and now the grownd is covered and the accidents have picked up on the roads.

    Im glad you like the poem. Your comments mean a great deal to me ya know. That was one that just flowed out, you know, the good kind...