Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Heads up

Instituting a new mode of posting.  I would appreciate anyone posting to either register, sign in, or at the very least identify themselves in the body of the comment box. Somewhere. Anywhere.  It's a courtesy to me, and to anyone else, and I do like to know who is here.  Thank you in advance.


  1. Am I one of them, I hope? not sure how to register nor how to sign in. Or do you mean you abolished the anonymous designation? I leave that on mine but ask people to identify themselves in the actual comment, because it enables people who don't have the google, yahoo, etc., accounts still to comment.

    anyway, I plan to continue showing up here. Please don't set the wildcats on me....

  2. What next, a secret handshake?

  3. oh alright

    new message then

  4. Good decision! I only know about this because I seem to have a larger than usual contingent of tech resistant friends and readers, who sobbed piteously when they couldn't understand how to post, how to checkthe boxes, etc.,

    so I explained that anonymous does not preclude your telling me who you are, dangit, in the body of your comment. Ah. Light dawned, and we got on with our lives...this is different from the anonymous who turn out to be sp**mers

  5. and of course anonymous who like to post gharstly stuff; i've had a few of those, and they are quietly removed, hopefully before anyone else sees it.
    thank you for the guiding hand, Boud. Im sure the Dollivers approve