Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Great Blizzard of Wednesday Night

Well, that was both a relief and a disappointment, at least here.  Got the yard picked up (again) and the rest of last year's wood flung in the shed.  What could go undercover went, the rest was turned loose and left to its own devices.
Weathermen tend at this time of year to get a mite hysterical over anything snow-based.  Yes, it came from the northeast,  yes we had a bit of wind and two inches of snow, but that aint no noreaster.

Just read the reports coming off one of the 'net weather places, and again they have lumped all of New England with New Jersey and NYC.  Neither of which is technically New England.  Nit picky, perhaps, but seeing a blizzard devastating 'New England' is, I'm sorry, selling snake oil to gain viewers.  And it scares your friends who see the map, see the entire area blocked in as Nor'easter territory, and they get worried.  Are you all right, they ask, in email.  Yes, we say.  We only got a bit. Well, I saw on the news that NYC was getting hit're not far from there.  No, no, four hundred miles, give or take.  We're fine. Well, I do worry, you know. It did say New England...

And my heart does go out to those people there who got smacked in the face with this.  It's like the "custard pie and then the pig bladder" routine in a ghastly one-two punch.


  1. Yes to all the above!

    It's sometimes hard for people to realize that this is quite a big region. A Texas friend emailed me, a while back, all excited to say her husband was to be in Boston on business for several days, and she thought she'd go with him, see the sights, etc.,and then "run down to have tea with you" Quite disappointed when I explained that Boston is about nine hours' driving from here, with a following wind! she said, oh, I thought all those Eastern states were tiny, and it would be like two hours' end to end....yeah.

  2. hOPEFULLY IT WII MELT IN A FEW DAYS. I'm glad you have a lot of wood. I too feel sorry for those folks that had the hurricane damage and now the snow,

  3. New Your, New Jersey, New Hamphire. That's why, Judykins. Your state's misnamed. AND, as we both know, it's on the wrong side of the mountain.


  4. and, dahling, 'wrong side of the mountain' depends on which side is the right side and which mountain its on the right side of. We do have a few ourselves, you know.

    Boud, I suspect in Texas a two hour drive is minor, and necessary, because of those huge open spaces. People there think nothing of driving for three hours to visit friends, have coffee, and drive back. Around here if we plan on spending more than a hour in the car we bring a lunch and a first aid kit. Never know.