Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ho. Ho. Ho.

At this rate by the time Christmas rolls over me like a cartoon steam roller there won't be anything left to flatten.  'Tis a hard trip this year, not sure why.  The skies are no bluer or greyer than other years,  it's not much colder or warmer.  All my vital signs are, well, vital.  But this time around  that hole in the ground, the one I regularly fall into in December, seems a bit deeper. 

Soldier on, the good fairy says.  Shut yer trap, the bad fairy grumbles.
The good fairy strikes the bad fairy with her very pointed wand, and the battle is on. 


  1. Tis a rather deep hole.. And who dug that hole?

  2. oh its mine. some years its pretty shallow, some years its scary deep--but its also the hole I dig from when I write, so its a two edged sword: glad to be here, but always keeping track of where I am in it

    It's a good thing with sharp edges

  3. This year the hole seems deeper for me too. worry seems to make it deeper, dread definately adds depth. concern about problems that don't exist make the sides more steep. Dafodils and hyancinths really help.

  4. Yep. My mantra is sunsets (or sunrises) with silhouettes of people moving around.

    Worry is the spading fork, dread is the post hole digger.

    I know I'm in some kind of slowly enlarging hole when my preferences in music include huge gouts of Willie Nelson overandoverandover, and Im leaning now, forgive me, toward John Denver. If I hit Rod McKuen, call someone.

  5. No one shrinks from it more than I. Every year.

    People complain I ruin their Christmas.

  6. Christmas is actually the ancient festival of lights; it comes at the darkest time of the year, and the farther from the equator people live, the longer the nights.
    I think for people who understand what Christmas really is, in the ancient sense, fare better. But bipolar loons like me and thee and half the world, suffer. We get into that lack of light thing, and coupled with a general dislike of the nonsense that now surrounds the holidays, can send someone right into hole-digging mode.
    I konw its cliche, but take your vitamin D, faithfully. It really really helps.
    You can both share my grumpy place any time you wish. Misery LOVES company.