Saturday, October 6, 2012

Links to things

Nearly a year ago took the SSDI off the public airways in here and put it behind a paywall.  You can no longer look up when Aunt Susan died,  or any other relative, unless you belong to and for a fee will be allowed to look up your ancestors.
This has left me and a lot of other people scrambling to find something reasonably equivalent. I have found a few that work, although not as cleanly or as efficiently as the original SSDI:

And lord alone knows how long ago Babelfish became a place you had to belong to to use,  and now I see the future in 'upgrading' which always means pay more to get more. 

Soon enough I  suspect Google and/or Bing (which is what I use now)  will start putting out watered down versions of their search engines,  with the fancy high speed versions behind that paywall too. 

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