Thursday, October 25, 2012


this is the second round 'container' of leafmold i've put together this year, first mowing/collecting the leaves and putting them in a double walled structure:  reinforcing wire (the stuff that makes such great tomato cages) and then a  liner of chicken wire (which for some reason I have yards and  yards of) to keep the leaves from blowing out the 6x6" openings in the reinforcing wire.  The whole thing is about 5' high, and i've wet it down twice, which means it should by now be cooking inside.  When spring comes, with any luck, I can remove the cage pieces and spread it out, making an at least partially decomposed bed of leaf mold to plant my potatoes in.  Good stuff.
I got the idea from here:, a wonderful site full of all kinds of cool things to do to and for and about a garden and other things as well. She also has a cook stove almost identical to mine, which is a plus in my book.


  1. Do you wear a bonnet, Ms Thompson?

  2. lol
    nossir, and I do not drive a horse 'n' buggy. City boy. hmpf.