Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Woke up around 3:30, heard the wind, and decided I'd had enough sleep for awhile.  Yep, whatever the edges of the hurricane are, they're here.  I don't know how the folks in the middle of this thing will like it, but right now we are having fairly heavy wind and rain, and we're not even pictured on the landfall area yet..  Nothing like a hurricane to get the yard picked up.  Great incentive, there.  Last thing I want to see is my garden rake whipping past the windows, or, heaven forfend, through the window.

This is a huge storm, and one of the many times I am so glad we don't live on beach front property.  And with the full moon pending,  there's a good chance that any beach front property will, at least temporarily, extend inland for quite a ways. 

Anyone out there in hurricane land,  get that car out from under the trees, the power lines, whatever.  No heroics, please. 


  1. Please leave now. Go west please. Over the years I have got attached to you and would like for you to be around a long time.

  2. Check your mail, it's okay, Harvey.

    Actually west is probably the worst place we could go, we'd be sailing right into it. And we'll be okay. By the time it gets here, it will have blown itself down into a good wind and a lotta rain.