Thursday, October 18, 2012

Evening Bark

Just before sunset I was out doing a bit of garden work and noticed how quiet it was;  suddenly there was a chorus of coyotes in the small woods beyond the garden,  and another to the north of us.  It went on for quite a while, and then a third group joined in.  It reminded me of what I call the 'evening bark' that dogs practice, passing whatever messages they have along from one to the next.  This was, I expect, a territorial thing last night letting each of the other groups know where everyone was.

As long as I know where the cats are,  I can relax and enjoy the concert.


  1. I was out on the deck the other night playing my newest flute when the coydogs kicked in. I was glad to have the accompaniment, off-key as it was. Or maybe it was me. Arf.

    I'm always at ease when I know where the cats are, as long as they're at your place, not mine.

  2. and Im sure we both are happier for knowing that.

  3. I enjoy listening to the coyotes. I had a CD of Coyotes howling. One night after they cut loose I PLAYED THE cd back to them with loud volume.... I never heard them again for at least two weeks. they are back in full force now.

  4. Harvey, what a wonderful idea. A lot of those howlings are territorial, verbally marking their space. A cd of the same sounds would oonfuse the hell out of them...