Tuesday, September 11, 2012


While facts can also be opinions that made it through the fire,  opinions are opinions and will never be anything else unless they can be proved.
Likes and dislikes are not facts (aside from the demonstrable fact that they do exist), so that your seething dislike of rutabaga is an opinion,  and my fierce loyalty to it is also an opinion.  And no mother in the world is going to convince her two year old that rutabagas aren't icky, no matter how they may be for her.

What is interesting in all of that is how stubbornly we cling to our Flat Earth beliefs, and call them facts, when the real facts can easily be convoluted and contorted and believed by a surprising number of people.   You see a man fall down the stairs (fact) but by the time the second edition of the local paper has done with the story the next morning,the way they beef up (with opinions) the article about a prominent man being clumsy on his cellar sttairs, you who actually saw the man trip and fall will now begin to doubt your own version and think, well, there may have been liquor involved, I know he drinks, I'll bet he was drunk, yessir. Probably beats his kids, too. I saw one crying last week...
And now your simple belief in a simple (if painful) accident has become an opinion of someone; and forever after in your mind he will be that drunken bum who shouldn't be allowed near kids or women.

Beliefs are harder to change than facts, simply because we all have 'em, and they are so personal.  Religion is a series of beliefs. Politics, for the most part, is too. So is advertising.  One ounce of fact in a yard of belief, most times.  So is predicting the weather beyond what's happening right outside one particular window. 

Facts are nice, and they do help, but it's awfully hard sometimes to separate the fact from the fiction, especially when the fiction is so much more interesting.


  1. Much of what you say is not only true but correct, in my opinion. And that's a fact.


  2. He was probably taking a swing at his wife or one of the kids when in a drunken stuper, slipped and fell down the stairs.

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