Saturday, September 15, 2012

I feel like a chipmunk, scurry scurry...

Proof, if you will, that even though Japanese Knotweed is a viciously invasive species here (and just about everywhere, apparently), it is also beloved in the fall by bees, wasps, and now Monarchs. 

Watchin' you. 

Add to that 700 jonquil bulbs dug and sorted (they will be going to new homes in a few days),  and the almost 40 pounds of potatoes I dug last night, and Im gettin' tired.   Trouble with potatoes,  once you start
digging, it's so hard to stop. Oh, you think, just one more hill oh golly look at those arent they wonderful, let's see what's in here...and there's only six hills left, might as well finish them up...


  1. You want fries with those?

  2. You peel 'em and slice 'em, I'll dig out the fryolater.