Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Fourth...and 2nd...and 17th...

Fireworks in this state are now legal to buy, sell, import and export and use publicly publically  openly by anyone who has enough money (if not brains) to do so.  Was a time when if you wanted fireworks you had to wait until the Fourth of July, when you could either go to a neighbor's house (the one on the hill with the good view) or drive to town down by the lake and ooh and ahhh  safely while people who were paid to do so risked their fingers and hands instead of yours. 

Now you have the privilege of not only blowing your own face up, but that of anyone who wants to join the fun,  with the added advantage of possibly setting your own house afire, or the neighbor's field,  barn, or horses.  Live free or die just took on a whole 'nother dimension...


  1. This used to be a big noisy problem here in central NJ, on account of people vacationing in southern states and bringing home contraband fireworks. Not so much nowadays, changes and shifts in population, people tend to vacation in Mumbai and bring home lovely Indian sweets!

  2. Oh. I thought it was "Live Free And Die Young." Go figure.

    Anarchy is sparkly. Go with it.