Monday, September 10, 2012

Axes, turkeys, and voting, oh my

I am about to be the proud owner of a 32" Ames True Temper Axe handle.  What every  woman needs to go with her True Temper Axe head, suitable for firewood,  crowd control,  and fending off irate turkeys. 

The afternoon turkeys are still with us.  I had left a patch of lawn unmowed, partly because of inanition,  and it sprouted the most wonderful collection of weeds, all by now into the seed bearing stage.  And every afternoon six turkeys drop by for something to keep them from feelilng peckish on the way to the acorn and beechnut buffet up on the beech ridge.  I suspect this might be a single brood that has grown up and survived the summer--up until a week ago there was a seventh turkey that was a bit larger, and now she's gone.  That was mom, and she's off on her own adventures,  and hopefully experience the positive side of the empty nest syndrome.   

Weather's changed a bit, too.  Now it's hot during the day and barely fifty at night,  which seems the natural order of things. 

New state law;  when you vote, you need to show valid ID.  I know it's done elsewhere, but this is a new thing for us, and will probably slow things down considerably.  We do like to know the WHY of things, and then we have to argue over the HOW.  Especially when the supervisor of the checklist says, now, Mary, we need to see some ID so we can prove you are who you say you are--and how IS Frank these days, we haven't seen him around lately... 


  1. That voter ID thing is so bogus. All about voter fraud, which has not been found to exist.

    I've been voting by mail for years here in NJ, and don't attend the polls at all. But when I did, in my little town, they knew me right off, and used to say, Liz, dear, once more you're at the wrong polling place. We reorganized them, and you have to go to the firehouse now...and when I arrive, they already have the sign up book open at the right place for me. Been here for yonks, and I can't imagine having to prove who I am to people I've known forty years...but voter ID madness hasn;t arrived here yet. I hope nobody suggests that terrorists would ALL VOTE if we don't get it soon..

  2. Well it's always nice to know the people who know you--apparently its not so much voter fraud, per se, as it is people who have died and are still on the voting lists.
    We live in a reasonably smallish town, and when someone dies, everyone knows it, and even if it's not taken immediately off the lists, you can be sure anyone turning up with that name will get a fixed stare.
    But I think it may be the possibility than the reality. And in a town this size, there is still the reality of several related or otherwise people having the same name. I know of at least one other of me, and so does the supervisor of the checklist. But in a larger area I would imagine the purging of the voter lists would be hellacious.

    Best to start over, with a fresh set.

  3. Voting. Turkeys.