Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sometimes a bit of attitude works...

Over the past few months the Republicans have been ramping up their phone calls to us registered Repubs;  for what it's worth, my own leanings are toward the center of everything with no specific party involved--but to do that would mean we'd be getting Dems AND Repubs calling, not a tolerable situation in any event.

It is, after all, Election Year.

Almost of the calls have been live, asking politely for either me OR my husband, and would we be interested in filling out a short survey?  No, we say, and hang up.  Or just hang up.  All of them have obviously been  college kids, earning maybe a penny a call;  I finally asked one of them why they keep calling here, we get two to three a day.  She seemed surprised, and I asked her to please take us off her list.  Two days of blessed silence.

Next time, it was a fella who was probably on the edges of terminal boredom, and drunk.  Seriously drunk. He asked for Wade.  Or Leland.  I said, no one here by that name.  Shock and disbelief. "You're kidding", he said.  Nope, no one by that name.  Take me off the list.  Peace, for a week. Aha, Im thinking, what just happened here.

Third time, they asked for me, by name. No one here by that name, sorry.  And, I added, in my best Stern but Nice Voice, the next time someone calls here we will be changing our party affiliation.  Period.  Not a call since. =)

Next time, we will be Democrats.


  1. I get those calls all the time, I just hang up. Our calls are generally a recording from Newt or some other genius. I am enrolled in the federal and state no call list. However politicians are exempt from the no-call as are research (political polls) Good luck with getting the calls stopped. I am changing my phone number soon, and listing it under a business name in hopes of getting some of the calls stopped. One of the reasons for the number change is our number is almost the same as the local welfare office and we get a lot of their calls, so if you want to call me in the future you might try Spring Lake Ranch.

  2. the next time someone calls here we will be changing our party affiliation. Period. Not a call since.

    Ouch, you kicked em where it hurts

  3. lol I threatened one of the pollsters with that, and she sounded genuinely stunned. They may just be switching over to automated. But, yeah, instead of hanging up, if you get a live one, try telling them no one by that name lives there. It confuses them.

  4. Or tell them that nobody lives there. Tell them they've reached an empty house, that the residents left ages ago, and that you're not even there talkin to them. Tell them that the phone is out of order and you're communicating telepathically. Ask them what they're wearing. Tell them all about your grandchildren. Just keep talking.

    It'll be a while before they call back.

    Of course, there's plenty other pollsters out there, but that's OK by me. I love talkin to them...

  5. oh that's funny. Now if one of them will just call back...