Monday, July 30, 2012

It's too early to be this late

It's a kind of limbo out there.  Only the crickets seem to have anything to say about anything.  All the baby birds that are going to fly have,  the young turkeys are now gangly teen agers,  and territories that were so fiercely guarded all summer long are now crumbling, except for a few border disuptes over insects and seeds. 
Too soon to begin thinking about migration, which I suspect is more of a tug in the midsection than anything  intellectual,  and that tug can be a lot more powerful and harder to ignore.  The wind calls, and you go.

Last week, right on cue, we limped past the heat of July and into that late-summer lull with early morning ground fog and almost chilly nights.  If you close your eyes and inhale, and have been doing it regularly over a period of years,  you might think it was midAugust at dawn.   And in the greater sweep of things, it soon will be.

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